Daniel Moczydlower holds a Magna cum Laude degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and a Masters of Modeling, Simulation and Process Control from COPPE/UFRJ. He has been a member of the Consulting Board of PMI/Rio de Janeiro, since 2010 and serves as Chairman of the Consulting Board since 2016.

He began his career as a Process Engineer at Chemtech, where he successfully held various management positions until he became CEO in 2010. H worked with such clients as Petrobras and Vale in Brazil, and Exxon/Mobile in Asia and the Americas.

Daniel joined Embraer in 2013 as president and CEO of the new Systems Business Unit, with the mission of structuring the business in line with the diversification and growth strategy of Embraer. Daniel is also a Board Member at Atech – a 100% owned Embraer Company focused on the development and operation of mission critical Systems such as The Brazilian air traffic Management (ATM) system.

In 2017 Daniel was assigned as Vice president, Technology Development for the entire Embraer Group and also responsible for the management of Embraer’s Engineering and technology Centers located in Melbourne (USE), Evora (Portugal), Belo Horizonte, Floroanopolis and the engineering teams of Enbraer Equipment Division (EDE) and Embraer Advanced Seat Technologies (EAST).

In 2019 Daniel took over the position of Embraer’s Executive Vice President, Engineering, and Technology.